This is a
kind of project.

The word “mahavma” comes from a far away world,
spoken in a language you’ve never heard, till now.
We might, in simplest terms, translate mahavma as, “unconditional love”

In the language of Aazhvii, every letter has its own meaning.
The simplest meanings of these letters are
Mother . . . . .
Song . . . . .
Doorway . . . . .

Thus, when speaking or writing the word mahavma, one might be infused
with the sensations of unconditional love, and beneath that,
one might also contemplate the ideas of

The vessel which holds the beginning of life  . . . . .

The song of the universe . . . . .
The place where inner and outer worlds intermingle . . . . .

In the dictionary of Aazhvii we find:
(mah-HAHV-mah) n. m h v m meaning: womb song of the eternal mother
1.The sense of bringing something or someone into oneself: total inclusivity.
2. A boundless ability to have unconditional love and compassion: unlimited empathy.
3. Universal kindness, free from desire, without expectation, and regardless of flaws.

This is the Mahavma Project