We believe it’s time for a new story, a new way of looking at life, a new way of speaking and thinking, a new way of seeing other people and doing what we do out there in the big world.

The Mahavma Project is a series of novels, short stories, videos, art and foundation books designed to bring a tremendously important purpose out there into our big, often confusing, sometimes dangerous, incredibly beautiful and always miraculous home called Earth.

We are writing to show how, with a lot of fun and mystery and adventure and excitement, every single one of us can become the hero of our own story, and how every human out there IS a hero, right here, right now. Our books intend to show how to realize everyone’s incredible gifts, and how to put all our best selves into the task of making things better for everyone, including even the people who don’t happen to be human.

This is a
kind of project.

This is the Mahavma Project.