Magic Is In The Air

June 1, 2018 Progress report

Hello again. It’s Friday, which means that get to write my progress report.

I’ve worked many hours on the dictionary this week. Creating the specifics of the “magicians” called aliith in the language of iv’Ahzhvii, that inhabit our world.

Aliith come in three different varieties; Aliith Ahzhvii (those that help to move the inhabitants of Ahzhvii and Ahzhvii verself into thriving), Aliith Gaia (those that travel to Gaia), and Aliith Ya’ash (those that explore space and travel to other worlds).

Within these three varieties of aliith, there are several different types. Each type is named for their specific gift and are given a vocation according to their gift. They are also classified by color, the seven in the rainbow, to denote how powerful/dangerous their gift is.

So far, I’ve finished naming all the aliith, which took a LOT of time. My sister and I determined the letters of the amiinu (iv’Ahzhvii alphabet), necessary to each aliith, and then I went in and chose the vowels, and ordered them, and made sure that there was some balance in the names of all three varieties.

After that part was done, which took me until Monday night, I began to specify their powers. My son helped me for several hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There are a total of 59 types of Aliith Ahzhvii. Many that require complex calculations in order to understand exactly how their powers operate. I don’t even know how to do all those calculations, fortunately my son does, and is willing to help me. He loves physics, and is doing his best to fit my magical powers into something that is somewhat realistic, or at least kinda-sorta follows the laws of physics.



Here’s an example of a few of the aliith – those that require calculations aren’t even finished yet, but I’m showing you a bit anyway:

‘Agar: (sun, fire)

Understands/controls Rah’s heat and light, They can create either light or heat, or both together. At maximum output of both heat and light, it would be a radius within 10 meters of themselves. The less light/heat they use, the wider the area. If not heat, then more light, and vice versa. They manipulate up to 386.248 Newtons of energy at one time.

Sunlight: At maximum area = 36,689 lumens. If a smaller area, they can produce brighter light.

Heat: At maximum area they can create temperatures up to 56.7° c / 134° f. If a smaller area, then they can produce a max of 1170.4° c.

They can “shrink” the size of their radius from 10 meters to two decimeters. They use less energy to produce less energy. At their maximum output, they can maintain this light/heat as long as they would be able to run at top speed without stopping.

 ‘Althu: (before breath, after breath)

Breaths underwater, can handle the pressure of depth up to 300 meters (990 ft). These aliith generally are very sturdy, making themselves physically dense through muscle building. They also have the magical ability to relocate any energy that they cannot take into their bodies. Side effects of this would mean that if they got punched, bit, slammed, etc., they would relocate the energy and not take the damage. There is a limit to the force they can relocate; 203 kg (447 pounds) of force on all parts of the body simultaneously

 ‘Ohuz: (expression, tree/rooted)

Speaks to trees/large rooted. This aliith not only communicates with rooted, they can give them the temporary ability to move at the pace of the immortal. Communication is limited to those rooted who are within normal, unassisted human communication range. Movement is limited to one rooted at a time. Movement and communication are used in a multitude of ways including cooperative building of homes, bridges, walkways, and other structures.

‘Omin: (home and journey)

Homing: ‘Omin can always find their destination. They don’t need a map, or directions. They don’t need to know where they are, only where they want to be. This doesn’t have to be more specific than “I want to be where Fred is,” “I want to find the nearest fruit tree,” “I want to go to the closest shelter,” or “I want to go home.” As long as they have a clear destination in mind, they can find it. They don’t always take the most direct path, only the most direct path that they can realistically travel. Thus if there were a gorge they couldn’t cross, without traveling along it for several kilometers, then they would automatically be directed several kilometers alongside of the gorge until they reached a place they could cross. This doesn’t take into account others traveling with them, or vehicles, only what they could do on foot – even if it were to lead them to a teleportation circle, or a train.


Despite all my efforts, am still detailing the “powers” of the Aliith Ahzhvii. I haven’t even classified them by color yet.

Thankfully, my son also loves role-playing games, and is helping me to determine the aliith colors according to their skills and power. Perhaps, someday, we’ll even create a role-playing game where you can be aliith.

For now, I’ll keep plugging along, and hopefully I will at least get through the rest of the aliith, if not the rest of the A’s by my next report.

Have a beautiful day, or make it one. Cyber Hugs,



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