Progress report June 9, 2018

This week has been a crazy one – I’ve been up early, excited to work every morning – trying to make myself sleep for a reasonable length of time. I often start work by 7:30 am, and a few times didn’t quit until 9:00 or 10:00 pm. The work itself is deep and tedious, but the knowledge of what Cis and I are building is absolute euphoria.

Of course, I have also seen my clients during the week, another job I love, and one that pays the bills. These interruptions in the writing are necessary, both for my bank account, and my brain. Both jobs require a tremendous amount of awareness, but in different ways, and it helps to change things up, and get sunshine, and speak to others, and play with dogs.

The majority of the writing for me has been on the dictionary, working to make sure that every word we have iv’Ahzhvii (of Ahzhvii), makes sense, and isn’t duplicated. It’s been quite the intense project. With over 300 iv’Ahzhvii words there’s a lot of opportunity to mess things up.

The general rule we have is that if there is an English equivalent, then we use the English word, and if there is no English equivalent, then we create an iv’Ahzhvii word. Words iv’Ahzhvii come from the amiinu, the iv’Ahzhvii alphabet – and the consonants have specific meanings. To create these alien words, we have to know what the word means, and then choose the letters such as they convey the meaning, and then order them, and add vowels so that the word is pretty, at least somewhat pronounceable, and isn’t a duplicate of another word.

We found that we had used lots of words that were ‘based’ in English, or Latin, or some other language, and had to be altered. Learning how to spell in iv’Ahzhvii is a challenge as well, and I find that trying to memorize the words is going to take some time.

This isn’t really a language – we don’t have grammar, or syntax. We don’t know how they would actually speak it, we just have some beautiful made-up words. It would be great, if someday there was a true language, but it’s not part of our abilities. There are limitations to being only English speakers, and we feel we couldn’t do a new language justice in its creation.

Besides working to create the dictionary, which still has some layout/organization needs, we’ve been making sure that all that we have in the dictionary is also in the Encylopedia, and that the names of the “nations” are in the atlas, and that the names of the Darrjad (a particular group of long-lived, wisdom keepers), are in the book of Darrjad.

We have worked long hours at this, and it still isn’t quite finished, and even when the dictionary is, we will have to go back through all of the encyclopedia, and the book of Darrjad, and the atlas, and then…Well, then we will have much more clear foundations to build our stories upon, and I will go back through the novel, and the tales that I’ve already written, and update them so they match with all our foundations.

It’s so much work, and I’m so excited for the results.

To give you a taste of what’s happening, I’m including what Cis has written at the beginning of our iv’Ahzvii alphabet


Ahzhvii Alphabet (AMIINU) Notes

The Celestials are large, complex, living beings, and naturally have more complex kinds of sensing, awareness, and communication than the comparatively tiny creatures that live upon them.  When they communicate with one another it is with many types of waves and vibrations, called the music of the Vast, and using what we might understand to be akin to quantum entanglement. Their communication is, therefore, richer, grander and beyond what we, their children, would ever be able to understand or duplicate.

When they speak to and teach their language to the children who live upon them, it is a much simplified form of Celestial language that is reduced to brain waves, light waves, or whatever the senses of their children are capable of sensing according to their physical form and personalities. The way that Ahzhvii chooses to speak to vis immortal children, therefore, includes the sounds they can make, and concepts that they can understand.

The language of Ahzhvii is the immortals interpretation of the “speech” of the planet. Although Ahzhvii Verself is not physically verbal (Ve has no mouth or vocal chords), Ve communicates by telepathic communication (mind to mind or audible by ear), by emotional, ethereal, and subtle bodily sensations, and by the movement of the ground and air. Humans developed a spoken language based on what they heard and felt from Ahzhvii, and later incorporated what they heard telepathically and physically from azicharr.

Eventually iirjahs and azicharr together created symbols to represent individual sounds they heard/felt from Ahzhvii, in the forms that humans could mimic with their mouths, along with some of the sounds that azicharr were able to physically make.

Each sound represented by a symbol/letter is accompanied also by a sensation, metaphor or image which they experience when communicating with Ahzhvii. These individual letter/sound sensations, when put together into words, enhance or more fully express the meaning of each word as well. They are not necessarily the same as the “definition” of the word.

For instance, the word “mahavma” is what we might call in English, “unconditional love”. It is represented by the letters M, H, V, and A. The simplest meanings of those letters are Mother, Sound, Lattice and the zero-point vowels.

Thus,  when speaking (or spelling) the word mahavma, one is infused with the sensations of unconditional love, and beneath that, one can also contemplate the idea of the vessel which holds the beginning of life (M), the sound or song of the universe which has a voice (H) and the place where worlds intermingle (V)


Words are so important, they affect how we think, can change our perception, and communicate with a depth that we simply could not without them. Words are tools, and expression, and thought, and so much a part of we humans.

It is with deep respect for words that Cis and I are creating our dictionary, our encyclopedia, and all that there is in the world, Ahzhvii.

Thank you for sharing our journey!


Have a wonderful day,


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