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I haven’t blogged in a while! I feel a little worried about that. I want to be good at keeping up with it because I actually enjoy doing it, and I really hope to build a happy fan-base. That said, a trip to see family, and working on the important, yet tedious task of the Ahzhvii dictionary, has certainly left me without much to say.

Yesterday, I finished defining, and formatting all 367 iv’Ahzhvii words – words that have no English equivalent. Such a relief! I’m so excited to print it up, and have it for my personal use. I’m sure, as I’m writing, more words will need to be created, and so we aren’t planning to have it published yet.

I believe the next thing my sister and I will be working on is our book on behavior. I’ve spent 25 years as an animal and human behavior counselor; my sister is an expert in non violent communication, and finishing her certificate as a focusing coach. The two of us have learned a great deal about how behavior works, and how it doesn’t.

I regularly share this knowledge with all my clients, and have had wonderful results, and great feed-back. I’ve written a couple of books, published on Amazon, to share more in-depth information, in hopes of really helping people to get out of the Monster/Victim cycle.  It’s time to update the work; which is the foundation of all the world of Ahzhvii.

The world Ahzhvii, and all ver inhabitants, understand the law of behavior and how to use it in a way that benefits everyone. They operate in Hero cycle. This is part of what makes Ahzhvii such a unique world. Writing the book of behavior that will go with the foundation books iv’Ahzhvii will not only help people to understand how the world iv’Ahzhvii works, but will also teach them how to get out of Monster/Victim, and into Hero cycle.

Because I have written so much in this area, I’m hoping that this book will be finished quickly. It will be useful to everyone, whether they’re a fan of Mahavma Project or not. True kindness, compassion, empathy, great communication, self-care and knowledge – these are some of both my sister’s and my greatest passions and joys. We can’t wait to share them, and help make this world a more wonderful place.

Cyber Hugs,


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  1. That sounds amazing! I’ll look forward to that book being available! The dictionary also sounds like a fun and useful tool!
    Thanks for the update, happy writing!


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