Reflection and Reinvention

There’s been so much ‘cleaning out’ of old things in my life over the past couple of months. So much revisiting, and re-evaluating of what I want to keep and discard; both physically and emotionally.

I’m in a process of rebuilding foundations; in myself, my counseling business, and my writing. It’s been very enlightening, and difficult. I’m not finished yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Losing my dog mid-September, was emotionally challenging. I’ve had a lot of sadness, loneliness, and depression. It’s also been a catalyst for having the courage to re-evaluate parts of me that I have shut away. Each animal that has come into my life, has taught me many things, and Appa was no exception. Despite his condition (he suffered from brain damage from carbon monoxide and alcohol), he was a very good boy, and the perfect dog for me while he was here.

Now, there is no dog, and I’m adjusting to that. There’s part of me that wants to run out and get another, and the more reasonable part that says, NO. My kitty, 16-year-old Magnus, doesn’t need to have to worry about another dog. He’s already had to deal with far more than most kitties ever do. He’s lived with thirteen dogs over the course of his life, and dealt with dozens of foster dogs and puppies. He has had his fill, and I don’t want to ever put him at risk again. He’s so happy to be an only animal. His sass, and playfulness have returned. I’m happy for him, and want to give him a good rest of his life.

I get to visit with many dogs on a regular basis, and get lots of puppy kisses, love, and exercise. Now, I’m like the school teacher who doesn’t have children. I get my fill with other’s animals, and don’t have to deal with all the extra hair, and care when I’m at home. Sometimes I really love this, and sometimes I still really miss Appa.

Cis and I have been working diligently, nonetheless.

Current writing projects include:

  • Updating all of my client programs (there are approximately 300 pages of information to go through) – this I’m doing on my own, with a few readers to help.
  • Working on the foundations for the world of Ahzvii (this is 5 books including an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, life of Ahzvii, and book on behavior).


We have spent a good amount of time going back and forth between these books until recently, when we realized that first, we need to finish the book on behavior.

Cis and I were originally planning to write this as part of the Ahzvii world, but came to the conclusion that it would be better not too. Why? Well, this is a fiction book, real science based on my 25 years of working as a behavior counselor/trainer/trauma therapist for animals, and my sister’s experience with Non Violent Communication and work with human trauma, specifically using Focusing.

A good part of the reason that this book is coming first, and in the way that it is, is because I’ve been asked for it several times. Both my clients, and the many people whom I can’t see as clients, have been asking me to write a book based on my theories and techniques.

I’ve written most of this book many times over the years, and updated it, and rewrote it, and always chose not to publish it, or even finish it. Something about this one was just “not right,” something was missing.

This time around, I have the “missing ingredient,” my sister. With her help, I know that we’re going to write exactly the book that we need to, the one people have been asking for, a book to help people to get out of the Monster/Victim Cycle, and become heroes.

We have an excellent start. The book outline is finished, and much of the first draft is in place. We are currently filling in details, and gathering the latest research to support our work. So far the page count is around 200, and I’m really hoping that we can have the first complete draft ready by January, that may not be possible, but I can’t help but reach for big goals.

We appreciate all of you who are waiting patiently for our works, we promise to do our absolute best to be sure that they are all worth the wait.

I will also do better (now that I’m not feeling as depressed), to be more consistent with updates. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


Here is a sample from the introduction of the, yet to be titled, book on behavior

Every living thing is programmed to survive, from tiny organisms such as amoeba and skin cells to large living beings such as elephants and trees. Even more, every life also seeks thriving. This may seem like a bold statement, as we are accustomed to thinking of life as being driven by the survival instinct alone, but we intend to show in this book that the will to survive is not life’s only, or even primary, motivation. These actions that living things take in order to both survive and thrive are what we call “behavior.” In this book we will show how behavior works in exactly the same, simple way in every form of life, and also how it is unique to every individual. This understanding is the key to knowing how to live, work and play successfully with every other life form that surrounds you, from your pets to your family members, including your own self, and even the plants in your garden.




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