It’s been a while since my last blog. So, what’s going on?

Well, Cis and I have been working very hard this month (December was a month of doing pretty much nothing), and we are now feeling like we’re really starting to see the accomplishments.

The iv’Ahzhvii dictionary, and the encyclopedia are coordinated. This took many long hours, and it feels so good to have it finished. Of course, each time we work to coordinate the next thing, it seems to alter a few things in everything else. Everything is connected, and that’s part of what is making the journey of world building so challenging. That, and the fact that we have several foundation books.

Our foundation books include:

  • The encyclopedia (currently over 200 pages long)
  • The dictionary (currently 406 words that have no English equivalent)
  • The atlas (this has maps of Ahzhvii, and the migration patterns of our ‘immortals’)
  • The behavior book (this is a real science book based on my years as an animal behavior counselor, and Cis’s knowledge and experience with NVC (non-violent communication), and Focusing)
  • The book of darrjad (these are the wisdom keepers of iv’Ahzhvii – there are 49 species)
  • The book of aliith (these are the magicians – and the types of magic they perform)
  • The amiinu (a book on the ‘alphabet’ iv’Ahzhvii, and the meaning in each letter)

The encyclopedia is going through a final check before being printed for our use – about 85% finished. We do plan to eventually publish it, but currently it would give away too much of the future stories – so everyone will have to wait a bit.

The atlas, for our use, is looking good. Before we publish it, we have lots of maps to draw (the ones we’re looking at are drawn on blow-up globes, and a pad of blank maps).

The behavior book is about 75% finished, and we hope to get it to beta-readers, and published this year.

The book of darrjad (the wisdom keeper species iv’Ahzhvii), is only 30% complete. We have coordinated all the species, and given them names, but we have lots of descriptions to write, and pictures to draw.

The book of aliith (the magic users iv’Ahzhvii), is also about 30% complete. We have all the aliith listed, and when they come about in the history of the world, but we have lots of work to do in establishing what their magical limitations are.

The first novel, currently titled “Becoming Athkaa,” is well started (currently 130 pages).

We expect to get the novel, and at least 2 short stories, to our beta-readers, and published this year.

Besides the foundation books, we also have an historical time line – which tells us both the history of the planet, Ahzhvii – and the immortal species that live upon Ahzhvii. This has required lots of research and includes things like when they start their stone age, learn to weave, make art, musical instruments, have indoor plumbing, and so on.

We also have a story time line, which is the plot line for each novel, short story, and fairy tale that we plan to write and publish. This has a good beginning, and a long way to go – since we have to coordinate all the other things first.

The whole process we’re going through is tedious, time consuming, and ridiculously ‘over the top’ in ambition. Even so, we are gambling that all this time and effort will pay off. That we will create something that is truly wonder-filled, and brings beauty to the world in such a way that it enlightens and inspires others to create beauty in themselves, and the world around them.

Have a happy day,





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