M.A.B. once again…This week I managed to get a lot of work done – in the beginning.

On Monday I worked approximately 7 hours on the novel. I accomplished a great deal, and it felt wonderful! First, I wrote up the timeline for the current novel (separate from the timeline I have for the world, and all the stories we’re thinking of telling). This is so helpful. I need to keep track of when all the exciting things happen so that I’m consistent when I move from character to character.

I couldn’t write the time line for this novel, until I had completed the novel, so that I knew what was actually happening. I always have a plan, but my characters often have a mind of their own, and they tend to change the plan, and take the story in directions I never imagined.

I also managed to write up one of the short stories that will be told in the novel. The story of how ahzichar acquired their telepathy – AND – I still wrote in many of the updates for chapter one.

I ended my work day by reading the new stuff to my sister for feedback, so I could make notes on any changes I would need to make when I next worked on the novel.

Tuesday: Starting early, I wrote up two short stories for the novel, not sure what they will be titled yet, and read them to my sister for clarity and feedback. Then I finished all the updates, rewrites, and formatting for chapter one. I worked for 13 hours, minus about 1.5 hours for various breaks, to exercise and eat.

Wednesday and Thursday are client days for me, so I don’t usually get any writing done, and I don’t plan on it. This Wednesday life threw me a curve ball.

I took a large dog (about 115 -125 lbs) for a walk. He started out on a nice loose leash, but I was prepared for him to start the pulling and had braced my arm so that my shoulder wouldn’t get injured. He, as I thought he might, gave me a nice big yank. I had it covered, and he looked at me in shock, and then he went “sled dog mode” on me – he lowered his whole body, and threw his weight into his harness. This was unexpected, and I was not prepared (I have to use very different muscles to guard against this). For the first time in my 24 years of working with dogs, I actually injured my back. Went home early, did virtually nothing the rest of the day, except cry, and try to relax.

Thursday I could barely move, and had to cancel my clients. I did lots of mild stretches, sat, lay down, and worked more on recovery than anything else, but I did mange about three hours of writing.

Today, Friday, I’ve been feeling much better, swelling in the area that was damaged is much less. I was actually able to stand upright, and walk around a bit more, which is good since I have to see clients over the weekend.

I also worked on the novel – although I didn’t accomplish as much writing as I would have liked, since I realized that I needed clarification on the moon cycles of my world, and had to build a more extensive calendar. I also took the time to film some of my sister’s art in progress.

Beyond extra work activities, I also enjoyed a rainy afternoon, holding my dog so that he wasn’t too upset by the booming thunder. Regular rumbles don’t upset him, but when they shake the windows, and sound as though they are right on top of us, he gets nervous. Can’t say that I blame him.

Once I post this, I will go back to chapter two, and see if I can complete the updates before dinner.

I hope you have an excellent weekend – and to help you get started here’s an excerpt from chapter one.


Fim, shook herself, letting the fur of her neck ruff fall back into place, and the memory fall away. She relaxed her tail and took a breath as she came back to her present. She lifted her nose and scented the breeze. She smelled rabbit, squirrel, deer, leprechaun, and kitsune; all had been in the area since Rah had risen that morning. The scent of ahzichar was present, but many days old, so she continued her silent trot on up the trail.

Fim listened within, allowing herself to glimpse the overall thought-feelings of the mortal children. Most were busying themselves with getting ready for hibernation. Stocking food, preparing nests, working hard to eat more before they slept. She felt their joy, and their determination. She loved the feelings mortals had. They were familiar, cyclical, predictable. They gave her the sense that the life around her was a comfortable part of herself.

She loved being with the ahzichar tribes, knowing that all of them studied mortal children, learned the ways of the different species, learned the cycles of Ahzhirit, studied language, emotion, and connection. She loved being one with all that the ahzichar were, and all the mortal children of Ahzhirit.

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